Sandbox Percussion in the Washington Post

Last month, Sandbox Percussion traveled to the Phillips Collection in Washington DC. The Phillips hosts the longest-running concert series in DC, and it is one of the most gorgeous rooms that I have ever played in. They also boast one of the most supportive audiences that I’ve ever experienced. From the moment we walked on stage, the energy and excitement were palpable. Things got a little crazy during a performance Steve Reich’s Drumming…a retired meteorologist ran up to the front of the room, waved hello to us, and then proceeded to dance an ecstatic and completely incredible jig in front of the audience. That’s a first for us…

The Washington Post was there, and check out what they had to say about the show. I also gave a performance of the first three movements of Andy Akiho‘s LIgNEouS suite with the Amphion String Quartet, a performance that we will repeat at St. Bart’s in NYC on April 25th.

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