Original Music Workshop

My good friend Paola Prestini is the creative director of a new artistic space in Williamsburg – Original Music Workshop. When it’s completed, OMW will be an incredible resource for artists, providing space for rehearsal, recording and performance. It’s geared towards giving the 21st-century artist/entrepreneur everything he or she needs to get their work out there.

I’m a big fan of Paola’s – every project she touches is improved by her thoughts and conviction – and I’m a big fan of this idea. OMW is slated to open in 2015, and they are running a Kickstarter Campaign right now to raise the final bit of money to open their doors. Please support this worthy project – click here to learn more.

Last week, Andy Akiho and I, along with an amazing ensemble and filmmaker Michael McQuilken, went over to OMW to record a music video of one of his compositions. Check us out in action:

Recording the music of Andy Akiho at OMW - 8/20/2014

Recording the music of Andy Akiho at OMW – 8/20/2014

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